Senate District 30

2008 Legislative Races:
Senate District 30

Incumbent Senator Gil Baker (R-Conway) is being challenged by Joe White (D-Conway) in Senate District 30. The candidates in this race have outraised other legislative candidates across Arkansas by far.

Hometown: Conway
Age: 51
Occupation: Retired Educator
Party: Republican
Cash on hand: $164,536 (as of 2/29);
Total Raised: $212,267
Hometown: Conway
Age: 64
Occupation: Business owner
Party: Democrat
Cash on hand: $101,601 (as of 2/29);
Total Raised: $131,424

Senate District 30
Senate District 33

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2008 Arkansas Senate Races

There are four open Senate seats in 2008 due to term limits, and one more has opened up due to Sen. Womack running for circuit judge. In all, 18 of the 35 seats are up for election.
2008 Senate Primaries (May 20)
DistrictDemocratic PrimariesProfileRep. PrimariesProfile
District 17Sen. Jim Luker (i)
Rep. Denny Sumpter
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 No Republican candidate in this race
District 20Rep. Scott Sullivan
Former Rep. Larry Teague
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 No Republican candidate in this race
District 33Sen. Irma Hunter Brown (i)
Former Rep. Joyce Elliott
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 No Republican candidate in this race

2008 Arkansas General Election Senate Race (November 4)
DistrictDemocratic CandidateRepublican CandidateSeat
District 30Joe WhiteSen. Gil Baker (i)


The 14 unopposed Senate candidates (and term sought)
Unopposed DemocratsUnopposed Republicans
District 2: Randy Laverty (2nd)
District 7: Sue Madison (2nd)
District 12: David Wyatt (1st)
District 23: Jerry Taylor (2nd)
District 24: Jimmy Jeffress (2nd)
District 25: Gene Jeffress (2nd)
District 26: Percy Malone (2nd)
District 31: Mary Anne Salmon (2nd)
District 32: David Johnson (1st)
District 1: Johnny Key (1st)
District 3: Ruth Whitaker (2nd)
District 4: Sharon Trusty (2nd)
District 8: Cecile Bledsoe (1st)
District 9: Kim Hendren (2nd)

17 Senate seats are not up for election in 2008, and per a request, here is a list broken down by party affiliation:

Mid-term Senate DemocratsMid-term Senate Republicans
District 5: Hank Wilkins
District 6: Ed Wilkinson
District 10: Paul Miller
District 11: Robert Thompson
District 14: Paul Bookout
District 15: Steve Bryles
District 16: Jack Crumbly
District 18: Bob Johnson
District 19: Terry Smith
District 21: Barbara Horn
District 22: Shane Broadway
District 27: Steve Faris
District 28: Bobby Glover
District 29: John Paul Capps
District 34: Tracy Steele
District 13: Denny Altes
District 35: Bill Pritchard